Testimonials for Medicare-Supplement.US

"You have been extremely helpful. Your answers have been prompt and easy to understand, as well as complete. I own a small company and I understand the value of customer relations VERY well. I will not hesitate to recommend you to the many people that trust my opinion."
- Connie G., Pennsylvania, turning 65, small business owner that has referred several other clients

"Bottom line from this accountant - my company wants a combined $295 for my wife and I when we move to AL. The company you've suggested is the same coverage for a combined $221. That's $888/year! I am actually paying $378/month for both of us now, so when we move, we'll be saving $1888/year. Merry Christmas to us! Good thing I ran across your website today."
- Tom C., moving from MD to AL, kept same level of coverage for a nearly $2000/year savings

"Thanks again for all your help. I've talked to lots of agents, and no one else has even come close."
- Dave. P., North Carolina, working with us on behalf of his wife who was turning 65

"Thank you for helping me in my time of need and for answering my questions during this procedure. I could not have made it without your assistance."
- Mary D., Tennessee, switching to new company for annual savings of $780

"Medicare Supplement insurance is a true milestone in one’s life – it’s really quite an obstacle. Turning 65 and going on Medicare is an overwhelming process. Through the process, you have certainly made my decision-making process much easier. You are always so quick to respond at all times and you have given me clear answers to my many questions - that is much appreciated.”
- Shirley K., Georgia, turning 65

“I have thoroughly enjoyed working with you on comparing and selecting between the many Medicare plans. I don't have any complaints at all about your service and professionalism - my only complaint is that I did not know of you and your services sooner. I know it would've saved me much hand-wringing and frustration!”
- Edna G., Florida, moving from CT to FL

“I really do appreciate your willingness to help whenever I've called on you for service, since I've had my policy. It is certainly much easier than calling the insurance company directly. I don't even have to listen to hold music! It's nice to have on my side a professional who is ready and willing to assist and treats others with honesty and courtesy. “
- Henry H., California, relocating to a new state and changing plans

“My wife and I just received the informative newsletter that you sent last week. We just want to say thank you. You have been a truly great discovery for us - I'm glad we found your site online. Please keep up your fine efforts and the informative newsletters - we appreciate the information they provide and appreciate your desire to stay in touch by email!”
- Ronnie L., Indiana, switching from another carrier and wife turning 65

"Thank you so very much. You really couldn't have made it any easier."
- Nancy P., Texas, turning 65, handled everything electronically

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