Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplements - Which Plans are Offered?

NOTE: Plan offerings can vary from state to state, but these are generally the plans that Mutual of Omaha currently offers in most states. Contact us for specific plan availability in your state.


Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement Plans: What is Covered?

Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement plans are among the top plans nationwide, as far as price and reliability. Since all Medigap plans are Federally-standardized, price is the primary factor that you should look at when comparing Medicare Supplement insurance options. The standardization of plans means that a Plan F with one company is the exact same as a Plan F sold through a different company. It all comes down to price and company reputation, and Mutual of Omaha excels on both fronts, in nearly every state nationwide.

Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement plans ALL cover what Medicare calls "basic benefits". These basic benefits include the 20% that Medicare doesn't pay at the doctor and hospital. Additionally, nearly all of the plans that are offered by Mutual of Omaha also cover the Medicare deductibles (which are: Part A Deductible = $1,316/benefit period for 2017; Part B Deductible = $183/year for 2017). In addition to these primary benefits, there are additional benefits that are offered under many of the Mutual of Omaha plans. Some of these additional benefits that are offered in some cases include: Skilled Nursing Facility coinsurance, hospice coinsurance, Part B excess charges and foreign travel emergencies. To get a full rundown of which plans offer which benefits, take a look at the Medigap coverage chart.

How Do Mutual of Omaha Medigap Plans Operate?

Mutual of Omaha Medigap plans, because they are Federally-standardized, operate just like other Medicare Supplement plan options. In short, you can go to any doctor or hospital nationwide that takes Medicare. There are no network restrictions. Additionally, there are no paper claims to file. With Medicare Supplement insurance, claims are filed, regardless of plan or company, through the Medicare crossover system. This greatly simplifies things for the insured, as they don't have to be involved in the process whatsoever. Once you have your Mutual of Omaha card, you take it to your doctor upon your first visit there. From that point forward, your claims are automatically handled through the Medicare system.

It is important to sign up for a Medicare supplement plan during your open enrollment period, or a "guaranteed issue" period. During these times, you cannot be made to answer health questions or pay more for coverage of pre-existing conditions. Your Medicare supplement open enrollment period starts the first day of the month that you are both over 65 and on Medicare Part B and lasts for 6 months. Most companies allow you to sign up (under open enrollment provisions) up to 6 months prior to your Medicare start date.

Why Is Mutual of Omaha a Good Option for Medicare Supplement Insurance?

Mutual of Omaha has been in business for 100+ years. It is clearly a financially-stable company that has a great track record for service to policyholders across the country. Over the last 10 years, they have emerged as one of the, if not the, leader in the Medicare insurance marketplace. Medicare supplements through Mutual of Omaha are a sound financial choice to protect your financial well-being during the time in your life that you need it most. Mutual is rated 'A+' by A.M. Best, an independent agency that rates insurance companies.

Additionally, besides just being a good company, they are also price-leaders in Medigap insurance. In many states, they come in as the most cost-effective option for popular plans, like G, F, and N.

How Do You Get a Mutual of Omaha Medigap Plan?

To sign up for a Mutual of Omaha plan, you can either sign up directly through the company or through an independent agent. We always recommend using an independent agent or agency, no matter which agent/agency it is. This is because it doesn't cost you any more, and you get the unbiased service and support from an agent who is working on your behalf. If you were to sign up directly through the insurance company, you often don't have a dedicated person to call if you ever have any problems or questions. Whereas with an independent agent, their loyalty is to you to ensure that your questions are answered and any problems are taken care of.

To get a rate quote comparison, which will include Mutual of Omaha and other well-priced options for your age and zip code, simply request the information online using: Medicare Supplement Quotes. We can provide the information you are seeking so you can compare multiple quotes in a centralized place and make an informed decision.