Who Sells Medicare Supplement Plans in ….?

Medicare Supplement plans are Federally-standardized plans that are sold by private insurance companies designed to fill in the “gaps” in traditional Medicare. These plans provide the same standardized coverage, from company to company. Here is the standardized coverage chart: Coverage chart. Although the coverage is the same with every company and in every state (with the exception of a couple of states), the companies that sell the plans in each state can vary greatly.

There are a couple of significant reasons that this varies from state to state. First of all, different companies target different geographic areas or operate only in certain areas of the country. This means that, whereas they may have plans for sale in each of the Midwestern states, they may not do plans at all in the Southeast. This occurs frequently. Second of all, all companies must be approved by the state departments of insurance before they can offer plans in a particular state. Sometimes, this can take some time or be held up for a variety of significant and insignificant reasons.

So, how do you find out who sells Medicare Supplement plans in your state? First and foremost, you should be able to obtain a list from the state department of insurance. Some of the states have this information online; however, it should be taken with a grain of salt. In our experience, possibly due to neglect or time constraints or the constantly-changing nature of insurance, this information is often out of date. Medicare also maintains a database of the companies that offer Medicare Supplements by zip code at www.medicare.gov. Again, this information can be very outdated or outright incorrect, but it is another resource.

If you are comparing plans to select a possible plan option for enrollment, I would highly recommend getting a list of available companies, with rates, company ratings, etc. from an independent agent, or broker. A broker is someone who sells Medicare Supplement plans to consumers as a representative of many different insurance companies. They can typically help you compare the histories of companies, as well as current rates for the companies that operate in your area.

This is a highly advisable way of comparing plans, simply because you can compare all of the options in a centralized, unbiased place. If you would like this information from us, you can reach us at 877.506.3378 or online at: Medicare-Supplement.US.


Medigap Quotes Online – How and Why To Get Them

Obtaining Medigap quotes online is an important and easy way to decide on a Medigap plan when you turning 65 or comparing plans. There are numerous plan options, but the most significant thing to realize is that the plans are Federally-standardized. So every company must offer the same coverage plans. This makes comparing the plans very easy to do, and it is something that can be done online.

Here are the steps to follow to make a successful and hassle-free plan comparison online:

1. Understand the basics before you start. Here are the basics that we believe everyone should understand before they even start comparing Medigap rates:

  • All of the companies must offer the same plans – plans are Federally-standardized.
  • The companies do have financial strength ratings (AM Best); however, all companies pay claims through the Medicare “Crossover” system and there is no variation in how fast, how much etc they pay.
  • Whether you sign up for a plan through a broker (who can compare multiple plan options) or the company itself, you will get the same rate/plan

2. Be judicious with who and how many people/companies you request information from. There are hundreds of sources of information out there, and all agents have access to the same rates/plans. So at most, you should only intend to speak with 2-3 agents to get an idea for rates and what plans would be most competitively positioned in your area. Also, many of the websites aim to only capture your information and sell it to 8-10 agents, who will contact you. Use your common sense to only request information from an actual agent/agency, not a “quote farm” website.

3. When you are ready to get Medigap quotes online, simply enter your information – use accurate information. Some websites will send you the information instantaneously by email, and some may take a couple of hours if it is customized information. Most insurance companies do not allow their rates to be displayed on websites beside rates from other companies. So, if you do find that somewhere, make sure the rates are up to date and all applicable companies are represented.

4. Once you have the comparison, you can easily compare plans based on rates and company rating. Make an informed decision and use the agent that you choose to work with to ask any questions etc.

If you have any questions now or if you want to obtain obtain Medigap quotes online, you can contact us at 877.506.3378.

Medicare Supplement Quotes Online – How To Find Them

Most Medicare Supplement companies do not allow their rates to be published online for the general public. If you have been searching for rates, you have probably found this to be the case. That said, there are very easy ways to get Medicare Supplement quotes online without having to speak to an agent or the company on the phone or meet someone in person.

Below, we’ve listed step-by-step instructions for obtaining Medicare Supplement quotes online and comparing the plans:

  1. First and foremost, have some knowledge about what you’re looking for. Many people mistakenly refer to all types of plans as “Medicare Supplements”. Your employer group coverage is NOT a Medicare Supplement. Medicare Advantage plans, which replace Medicare instead of supplementing it, are NOT Medicare Supplements. Medicare Supplements are Federally-standardized and must be named by the letters that the Government has mandated. This means that all plans will be one of the standardized plans – A through N – that are found on the Medigap coverage chart.
  2. While most companies don’t publish their rates online, they employ independent agents who do. Independent agents do not cost anything for you to use. What they do is compile all quotes for your area and situation into one place, so that you can easily compare among multiple choices. You should find an agency that will send you the rate quote comparison by email so you don’t have to call the companies individually. Most independent agencies will do this. No matter what you sign up for or who you sign up with, we certainly recommend using an independent agent/agency for the information and service they provide.
  3. Once you receive a chart that shows the quotes from a handful of companies, you want to make sure you are comparing them using the correct criteria. While many people will ask how a company pays, if it pays on time, or if doctors accept the plan – all of these are factors which do not play into a decision about Medicare Supplement plans. With the standardization of plans, you can go to any doctor/hospital nationwide that takes Medicare, regardless of the plan that you have. Also, the companies pay claims through the Medicare “crossover” system so there is really no variation in how/when one companies versus another.

All in all, choosing a Medigap policy does not have to be all that difficult to do. You can certainly get Medigap quotes online and compare plans to make an informed, educated decision. If you have questions, visit us online or call us at 877.506.3378.