New Insurance Companies in the Medicare Marketplace

Medicare Supplement market is always changing. Companies change rates frequently, and sometimes, the companies themselves change. That has been the case even more so recently, as several “big name” insurance companies have entered the Medigap insurance sphere. Below, we’ve mentioned a few of these for reference and your future exploration. Note that not all companies do business in each state, so you would always need to check with your Medicare insurance agent to see what is available in your situation.

AFLAC – The “duck” has re-entered the Medicare marketplace, and they are competitively priced in many states, including GA, AZ, TX and NC to name a few. They are ‘A+’ rated by AM Best.

Central States Indemnity (owned by Berkshire Hathaway) – Central States Indemnity offers plans in many states now. They have made a name for themselves quickly in this space, among agents and clients, due to moderate rate increases. It is a good option in a good number of states, and they also now offer Plan G in many states. They are rated ‘A+’ by AM Best.

Combined Insurance – Combined Insurance is an older insurance company that has been around for a while. They are a reputable company with competitive rates in many states. They are rated ‘A’ by AM Best.

CIGNA – CIGNA is one of the largest insurance companies in the country. They recently purchased Great American Senior Benefits and its subsidiaries. They recently came out with a plan through one of those subsidiaries, which looks to be a competitive option for new turning-65 customers and those already on a plan with a different company.

This list just names a few. There are, of course, lots of options when it comes to Medicare insurance. However, some states have more options than others. As always, it is important to compare both the premiums of the plans offered and the company financial strength ratings. Since coverage, claim payments, and doctor acceptance are the same among plans, those are the factors that are more important to consider.

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