New Era Medicare Supplements – Competitively Priced in Many Areas

With Medicare Supplement insurance, as you probably know if you have looked into it much, coverage is completely standardized. This just means that all plans are required to offer the exact same coverage. Additionally, all plans can be used at any doctor or hospital that takes Medicare nationwide, so there are no networks with any company that sells the plans that require you to go to a certain doctor when receiving care. With these things in mind, it is advisable to choose a plan based primarily on the cost of the plan and the company reputation.

New Era Medicare Supplement plans are very competitively priced in all of the states where they are offered. New Era has a sister company called Philadelphia American, which is also a competitively-priced company and a great option for those looking to save money on Medicare supplemental insurance.

Overall, New Era is rated ‘B+’ by A.M. Best Company, which is a rating service that rates all of the various insurance companies. This is considered a very good rating and one that should instill trust in consumers that it is a stable, reputable company.

Moreover, with Medicare Supplement insurance, all plans/companies work the same way. Basically, claims are handled through the Medicare “crossover” system so there is no variation in how one company pays as opposed to another. One company does not “pay fast” compared to others.

New Era positions itself as a competitively-priced company, rate-wise, and they do not have the overhead and direct marketing expenses that many of the larger, more well-known companies may have. Whereas those companies are concentrating on sending mail to your house and “winning” your business, New Era is concentrated on keeping rates low and providing service to existing clients. They rely largely on independent agents, who market their products to people who understand the standardization of plans and are looking for a competitive price.

New Era is competitively priced in several major states, including Pennsylvania, Texas, Georgia, South Carolina, Mississippi and others. It is not yet offered in some states, including Oregon and Kentucky.

To get prices on New Era supplement plans and compare it with other viable options for your age and zip code, we highly recommend (regardless of who it is) using an independent brokerage to compare plans. This way, you can compare in an unbiased way and make a selection of available plans, based on the factors that matter. If you would like to run some quotes on available plans, you can run a Medicare supplement quote on our website –


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