Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans – The Surest Way to Avoid Catastrophe

Medicare Supplement insurance plans are the surest way to avoid financial catastrophe if you are over 65 and/or on Medicare. While most people agree that Medicare is good coverage, and it does cover most things, it is certain that you need something to fill in the “gaps” in Medicare coverage. That is where a Medicare Supplement insurance plan comes in.

Why You Need It:
“Original” Medicare is Parts A & B of Medicare. This is your hospital and doctor/outpatient coverage. With only Medicare, this covers approximately 80% of the charges at the doctor/hospital. There is no “cap” on what you would have to pay with the other 20%. So if you rack up thousands and thousands of dollars in charges, which is entirely possible when dealing with medical expenses, you would owe an unlimited 20%. For example, if you have a $100,000 surgery, with only Medicare coverage, you would pay the Medicare Part A ($1,132) and B ($162) deductibles. Then, you would also pay 20% of the total Medicare-approved amounts – approximately $20,000. This is a rough example, but it gives you an idea of the need for Medicare supplement insurance plans.

What Does It Cover:
On the contrary, if you have a Medicare Supplement plan to go along with your Medicare, your out of pocket expenses are greatly reduced. First of all, most of the plans pay the Medicare Part A & B deductibles (nearly all of the plans pay this deductible). Also, most of the standardized plans include coverage of the 20% coinsurance that Medicare doesn’t cover. Plan F, which is the most common and comprehensive Medicare supplement plan, covers everything that Medicare doesn’t cover so that you don’t have any out of pocket costs. This is the surest way to have predictable out of pocket costs if you are over 65 and/or on Medicare.

So What Should You Do:
In order to have a Medicare supplement insurance plan, you must apply for coverage. You can do this through a Medicare supplement agent or directly through an insurance company. It is highly recommend, though, that you compare quotes from multiple companies so that you can make an informed, unbiased decision about which company or plan is right for you.

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