Medicare Part D Enrollment Period Comes Earlier This Year, Make Your Choice Soon

The annual Medicare Part D enrollment period comes earlier this year – it is right around the corner. It begins on October 15, in contrast to previous years during which the enrollment period began on November 15. Additionally, it does end earlier – December 7 – instead of lasting all the way up through the end of the year.

All in all, I think Medicare-eligibles, agents, insurance company employees can agree that this is a welcome change. Past years  have involved working through the holidays and all the way up until midnight on New Year’s eve in some cases, in addition to causing Medicare eligibles to have to consider their options over the holidays and during the time of the year where they are often traveling or entertaining family. Although this is a welcome change, it will take some getting used to. It is essential that, if you are on Medicare, you recognize this change and take the appropriate steps to adjust your schedule to make sure you make any necessary changes in time.

Medicare has tried to get the word out about the changes to the annual enrollment period timeline; however, it is our concern that most people are not aware of this change. The clients that we have spoken with are not familiar with it at all and some generally wait until December to start their comparisons/decision-making process. That won’t work for this year.

The Medicare Part D Rx prescription drug plan information should be available on Medicare’s website ( shortly. They have indicated that the new plan information will be up in early October. Once this is up, it will be much easier to start the process of comparing the plans and making a decision about your 2012 options.

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