Medicare Part D Comparison – Information Is Up on

The Medicare Part D annual enrollment period starts on October 15. This is the one time of year that you can make changes to your Medicare Part D Rx coverage (unless you fall into one of a few exceptions, “Special Election Periods”).

In some year’s past, Medicare did not post the comparison information in advance of the enrollment period. In response to increasing numbers of “Baby Boomers” and computer-savvy Medicare-eligibles, this year rolled out the 2013 data at midnight on October 1. This comparative information is essential in comparison the Part D drug plans. Compare the Part D plans on

If you are on a Part D Rx plan now, it is highly advisable that you compare the available plans to make sure you have the plan that is most advantageous for you. The 2013 plans have changed dramatically in some cases, although the overall “average” picture is that the plan premiums went up only slightly and benefits stayed relatively the same. That doe not account for each individual plan, which could have changed drastically or stopped/started covering some of your specific medications.

Although this time of year, the enrollment period, does not actually apply to Medigap (Medicare Supplement) plans, many people believe that it does. And actually, it is a good time to compare the Medigap plans, since many companies change their rates on a calendar-year basis. Also, when doing a re-evaluation of your Part D plan, it may make sense to “shop” your Medigap plan as well. These plans are Federally-standardized, so each company is required to offer the same coverage plan. Typically, rates can vary by as much as 50-70% from one company to the next. So if you have had your plan for more than a year, there is certainly some savings to be had. Compare 2013 Medigap plans.

If you would like Medicare-Supplement.US to provide this customized rate quotes information for 2013 Medigap plans, simply request the information online. The Medigap comparative information will be provided to you by email within an hour (during business hours). Not all companies release their rates online, so if you are comparing rates that way, it is imperative to understand that you are not viewing all plan options. If you have questions or would like to speak to someone directly, call 877.506.3378.

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