Instant Medigap Quotes – The and “Why” and “How” of Getting Them

Getting an instant Medigap quote is what most people looking at Medigap plans want. In our day and age, everyone wants everything instantaneously, and frankly, we’ve come to expect it. It’s no different when you are perusing the Internet for Medigap quotes.Getting the quotes instantaneously, however, is not always possible, because many of the companies do not allow their rates to be published online. If they are published online, they are often out of date – most webmasters do not update their sites regularly – or they do not reflect the full picture (i.e. additional charges, discounts, etc).

Fortunately, it is possible to get the quotes very quickly, delivered securely by email, and customized to your age, gender, health, zip code (and all of the factors that go into determining your rate). This way, you can compare on you own time, in an unbiased way, without having to talk to an agent or set up a face-to-face meeting.

There are many websites available that offer this service; however, it is essential that you understand who you are getting the quotes from to the greatest extent possible. Many of these websites are “quote farm” websites, set up specifically to capture your information and sell it as a “lead” to 8-10 insurance agents that will all give you the same information and bombard you with phone calls, emails, etc. Do your due diligence to the extent possible, and request the information from an independent agency, a brokerage, which represents many of the companies, if not all, so that you can compare in a centralized, unbiased place. We are an independent medigap brokerage, but whether it is us or someone else, we highly recommend using one to get the instant Medigap quotes you are seeking.

When you are requesting the quotes, all you have to do is enter some general information, enough for the agent to run some quotes. You will then receive the information by email – we send the email within 10 minutes (it’s a partially automated process) during business hours. We specifically do not request your phone number on our request form – most of our business is done without needing to talk to clients at all, or at least not extensively.

If you have questions about this process, want to find out more about how to get instant medigap quotes, or just want to discuss your Medigap plan, you can visit us online or call 877.506.3378.


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