February 2013 Updates for Secure Medicare Solutions

Now that the annual enrollment period has come and gone (and I’ve had a month to recover from the 80 hour work weeks), I am busy serving existing clients and helping spouses and referrals for people turning 65 soon. Here are a few things going on with me and Secure Medicare Solutions:

  • As mentioned in our February 2013 newsletter, we switched to a new client management interface. This should make communication easier with clients, including a better format for newsletters and easier file keeping for current clients. This was a much larger undertaking that previously anticipated!
  • Did you know that Secure Medicare Solutions owns and operates several different web sites? The corporation operates Medicare-Supplement.US (this site), as well as Medigap-Quote.com and Medicare-Supplement-Comparison.com. The different sites each contain information regarding Medicare and Medicare Supplements and are focused on both client acquisition and information disbursement.
  • After six years in this business, referrals are now making up 70% of our business. That’s both nice for me, and I like to view it as a compliment. If you have a spouse or friend turning 65 or just paying too much for their current plan, send them my way!
  • Are you on Twitter or Facebook? Or LinkedIn? If you are, I’d love to connect with you that way. There are links to those connections in our newsletter (top right corner) or you can search me out on there. My twitter handle is MedigapIns. The SMS Facebook page is SMS Facebook. And, lastly, you can see me on LinkedIn at: Garrett Ball on LinkedIn.
  • Personally, I am staying busy with my girls – almost 4 and 20 months. They keep me and my wife on our toes and are a lot of fun.

Thanks for reading. Let me know what’s going on with you!

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