Effects of Sequestration on Medicare

The MarcANCHOR HEREh 1 deadline to strike a deal to avoid the sequestration cuts has come and gone without a compromise. Medicare cuts are, obviously, a large part of the deficit-reduction cuts in the sequestration. So, what does that mean for those on Medicare?

The sequestration, unless an alternate deficit-reduction deal is enacted, will cut a total of $85.4 billion from the Federal budget. Reductions to Medicare represent about $9.9 billion of this (12%). The bulk of these cuts will come in the form of payments to providers for Medicare patients – these will be cut by 2% effective April 1, 2013.

Overall, assuming these 2% cuts occur, it is estimated that Medicare providers will see $11.085 billion in reimbursement cuts in 2013 .The American Medical Association is urging Congress to adopt new legislation that would prevent the cuts from taking effect on 4/1/13. However, at this point, those cuts are still on schedule.

While it is difficult, maybe impossible, to predict the long-term effects of http://goodpreworkoutsupplements.com that sequestration will have on the “end-user” (the Medicare patients), most people agree that, ultimately, cuts to the reimbursement rates will reduce the number of providers willing to participate in Medicare.

This is a number that many claim has already been reduced in recent years. Since 2001, the reimbursement rates for providers have gone up 4%. During that time, the cost of giving care to seniors on Medicare has gone up over 20%. The sequestration cuts only serve to further widen this gap and would be likely to cause some physicians to stop accepting Medicare patients.

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