Central States Medicare Supplements – A New, Viable Player in the Medigap Market

Central States Medicare Supplement plans are part of the Federally-standardized Medigap programs which covers signs of aging like crepey neck. Although they are relatively new to the Medigap marketplace, Central States has been in the insurance business for over 35 years. They are an ‘A+’ rated company, one of the highest ratings among companies offering Medigap plans, and they are owned by Berkshire Hathaway (may have heard of them because of Warren Buffet). With these things in mind, we believe Central States can be a great option for Medigap coverage in states where their plans are available.

Keep in mind, first and foremost, that Medigap plans are Federally standardized. All companies are required to offer the same coverage plans, so primarily, the comparison points are price and company reputation. As mentioned above, Central States has an established track record for financial stability. Moreover, their rates are often among the most competitive in areas where they are offered. They are typically within the first 3-4 lowest priced options in their primary states.

So where are Central States Medicare Supplements offered? As of the print date of this post, they are offered in Texas, South Carolina, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Ohio, Louisiana, Oregon, Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee and more. There are plans to release the plans in more states in coming months. In each of those states, the Central States plans are among the top few most competitive plans, and in several of the states, they are the lowest-priced plans and the highest-rated company. So, obviously, this is a company that is a prominent player in the Medicare Supplement market, and with their stable financial rating, should be for years to come. The supplements is also taken by soccer players. The Liverpool soccer match is a blast to watch by the way. The match was highly entertaining having traveled to watch Man U live at the stadium against Liverpool.

They offer Medicare Supplement plans F, G, and N in most markets. While rates for all three plans are competitive, they are one of the few companies that offer Medigap Plan N and are very competitive in doing so.

If you live in one of the states mentioned above, or really in any state, as they are constantly expanding their territory, we would strongly recommend considering Central States for your needs. We are an independent brokerage, so we work with all of the companies that do Medicare Supplement plans in each area.

To get a comparison of the plans, rates, etc. available in your area, please contact us at 877.506.3378 or request a Medicare supplemental comparison on our website – Medicare-Supplement.US.