Alabama Medigap: Top-Priced Companies Available Here

NOTE: There are as many as 35 companies that do Medigap insurance in the state of Alabama. This list just reflects the ones that are competitively-priced currently.


Alabama Medigap Insurance: What Does It Cover and How Exactly Does It Work?

Alabama Medicare Supplements work with "original" Medicare to fill in the "gaps" in the Medicare program. There are 10 different plan designs, with each one filling in different gaps in Medicare A & B, all the way up to the Plan F which covers everything Medicare itself doesn't cover. You can view the standardized coverage chart here Medigap coverage chart.

Although there are these 10 different plans, that each cover different things, the plans are Federally-standardized, so every company has to offer the plans off of the aforementioned chart. Also, out of these 10 plans, some are more common and effective than others: Medigap Plan F, Plan G, and Plan N are the most common plans (and the plans offered by most insurance companies - not all companies have to offer all Medigap plans). Each of these three plans, as well as the other seven, cover some of the "gaps" in Medicare. Plan F is held by approximately 45% of the people who have a Medicare supplement at all, because it is the most comprehensive. With Plan F, all of the gaps in Medicare are eliminated. Plan G is one step below that - it covers everything except the Medicare Part B deductible, which is a small doctor's office deductible.

The biggest thing to understand is that, no matter what company you purchase your plan from or which plan you purchase, your plan will work the same way:

  • First of all, the plans do not have networks. You can go to any doctor or hospital nationwide that takes Medicare, regardless of which company sells you the plan. So, buying a plan because your doctor says he is familiar with it may make you feel better about it, but is not important to do. Moreover, because Medicare is a Federal program, plans are the same in each state and coverage is the same in each state if you travel.
  • Next, there is no patient involvement in the claims process - you do not have to file claims yourself or do anything related to the payment of claims. This is all handled through the Medicare "crossover" system. This system ensures timely payment of the claims, no matter which company is insuring you.

Alabama Medicare Supplement Comparison

Comparing Medicare Supplement plans is very easy to do because of the three things that are the same with each company - claim payments, coverage and doctor acceptance. Because of this, we recommend looking at the two factors that do vary from company to company - price and company reputation.

As far as comparing the plans, it would be tremendously difficult to get quotes one company at a time by calling them. Most companies require face to face appointments before they give out rates. However, you can easily obtain a chart showing rates from an independent brokerage/agent, typically by email. This allows you to compare all of the plans in a centralized, unbiased place. An independent agent can also give you information about plan customer service, rate increase history, and other factors that you are not able to obtain from the companies themselves.

At Medicare-Supplement.US, we can help you compare plans, in a centralized and unbiased place, by providing a customized rate quote analysis by email. By doing so, you can can make an informed decision based on which plans are going to be most competitively priced and highly rated for your age and zip code. To get this information, simply request a Alabama Medigap quote.

Alabama State-Specific Medigap Implications

As mentioned above, Medicare Supplement plans are Federally-standardized. Because of this, Alabama plan designs are the same as plans in other states. However, there are some state-specific guidelines, etc. that do impact rates, etc on Medigap plans in Alabama:

  • Alabama DOES use tobacco usage as an underwriting criteria when you are turning 65 or in open enrollment or "guaranteed issue" period (many states do). There are no underwriting limitations, or higher rates, based on any pre-existing conditions or factors like tobacco use, when you are in open enrollment or "guaranteed issue".
  • Nearly all companies that sell plans in Alabama use gender-based rates. This just means that rates for females are 8-15% lower than rates for males, depending on the company selling the plan.
  • If you apply with your spouse, you often can save a little on the monthly premium. In Alabama, Medicare Supplement companies are permitted to offer household discounts to be applied on the plans. This is something to consider, if you are applying with a Medicare-eligible spouse. There are some companies (Family Life and AARP, to name a few) that do offer household discounts that can make a big difference when comparing to the premiums of a company that does not offer the discount. This can definitely mean the difference in one company over another when comparing costs.

How to Get a Alabama Medigap Plan

Getting a Alabama Medicare Supplement plan can be very easy to do. If you are in a valid enrollment period, such as open enrollment (turning 65 or signing up for Medicare Part B) or "guaranteed issue" (losing employer coverage, losing Advantage plan coverage, moving to a new state, etc.), you do not even need to answer medical questions or go through medical underwriting. In this case, you just simply need to complete an application and wait for your insurance cards in the mail. Even if you do not fall into one of these periods, you can still get a plan by simply completing the medical questions on the application and being approved for coverage.

If you are ready to sign up for a plan, compare the options, including rates and company ratings, select a plan and sign up. To get a rate quote comparison from us, which will include the top-priced options for your age and zip code and company ratings, request the information online using: Alabama Medicare Supplement Quotes. We can provide the information you are seeking so you can compare multiple quotes in a centralized place and make an informed decision.