AARP Medicare Supplements - Which Plans are Offered?

NOTE: Plan offerings can vary from state to state, but these are generally the plans that Medicare AARP currently offers.


AARP Medicare Supplement Plans: What Do They Cover?

AARP Medicare Supplement plans are among the most common supplemental plans offered nationwide. These plans, just like all Medigap plans, are Federally-standardized, so they are the exact from one company to another. What this means is that a Plan F with one company is the exact same as a Plan F with another company.

AARP Medicare Supplement plans cover "basic benefits" - this includes the 20% at the doctor and hospital that Medicare doesn't cover. Additionally, most of the plans that Medicare AARP offers also cover the Medicare deductibles (Part A Deductible = $1,184/benefit period for 2013; Part B Deductible = $147/year for 2013). There are additional benefits that are offered under many of the plans, such as Skilled Nursing Facility coinsurance, hospice coinsurance, Part B excess charges and foreign travel emergencies. To see exactly which plans offer which benefits, you would need to view the standardized Medigap coverage chart.

How Do AARP Supplements Work?

AARP Medicare Supplement plans are insured through United Healthcare. UHC is one of the leading insurers in the country, and they have a great reputation and track record. With all Medicare Supplement plans, including Medicare AARP plans, you can go to any doctor or hospital that takes Medicare. There are no networks to stay within and no referrals required. You simply go to any doctor that takes Medicare.

Claims are filed automatically with the AARP Medicare supplement plans. So, there is little (in most cases, no) involvement by the insured in the claims process. The first time you visit a doctor, you should present them with your AARP supplement plan card; then, after that, your insurance is on file and claims are processed through the Medicare "crossover" system. This system simplifies your involvement in the whole process.

Why Should You Choose Medicare AARP for your Medicare Supplement?

AARP Medicare Supplement plans are a good choice for those on Medicare or turning 65. Because they are insured through United Healthcare, one of the nation's leading insurers, you can be assured that the plans have the financial strength needed to be reliable and consistent. Also, AARP has a great track record for manageable rate increases over time. All companies are going to go up over time; however, AARP has historically had manageable rate increases that occur once a year (with the calendar year), not twice a year like some of the other companies.

How Do You Sign Up for an AARP Medicare Supplement?

Signing up for any Medicare Supplement, or Medigap, plan is very easy to do. Once you compare what the plans cover and select a plan that is right for you, you can simply complete an application. If you are in a special "open enrollment" or "guaranteed issue" period, then you will not even have to answer health questions on the application. Applying under these circumstances is remarkably easy. Even if you do have to answer health questions, Medicare AARP typically has more lenient underwriting than some of its competitors, so in many cases, you will not have any problem getting an AARP Medigap plan.

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